A new


A new perspective

BlueSky Accounting is a Melbourne-based practice providing a range of chartered accountant and business advisory services for established private businesses.

With years of experience and a genuine passion for making a difference, we challenge conventional thinking to deliver exceptional results.

That means considering the business of our partners from every angle and providing strategies which are thorough, direction which is clear, and confidence which is empowering. The level of our service matches the level of our knowledge. Our people are detailed, driven and dedicated to your success. Let’s talk about how BlueSky thinking will benefit you.

Challenge the conventional. Deliver the exceptional.

The structure of our practice allows us to spend more time with our clients. We listen, understand, do our due diligence, and consider the best outcome. This is how we build a strategy, and how we deliver results which no one else can.

Clear focus

We get to know our clients because we are invested in seeing them succeed. It goes beyond a professional relationship. The BlueSky experience is one of communication, commitment and care.

Personal approach

We share our experience, and we share our passion. Through professional development, we are always building on our skills to grow as individuals and lead a financial practice of choice.

Team culture

We pride ourselves on the level of knowledge we bring to each client relationship. Through research and staying on top of current commercial realities, we can best understand the pressures our clients face, and how we help them reach their goals.

Industry expertise

We are relied upon for a unique combination of expert knowledge and a relentlessly pioneering spirit. We work in partnership – available, responsive and always working with our clients’ best interests in mind.

Trusted advisor

We are family-minded. For us, creating financial freedom means improving the lives of our families and our clients’ families. Together, we are building a strong foundation for a healthy future.

A legacy.