We deliver the exceptional.

We develop long-lasting and trusted relationships with businesses. They look to us for answers, strategy and guidance – which we are proud to deliver.

Our work challenges conventional thinking. We look at our clients’ businesses from every angle, leaving no stone unturned and always considering a better way.

Our service challenges the accepted way of doing business. For us, it’s personal. We provide direction and drive, because we are invested in our clients’ success.

Our culture challenges our staff to push themselves to greater heights – always taking care, taking action, making connections and making an impact.

The result? With us as a partner, our clients can challenge what they thought was possible. New perspectives. New pathways. A new future begins with BlueSky.


We honour the trust placed in us with an overwhelming sense of responsibility. We are honest, transparent and always dependable.


We make connections; we make things happen. Our clients appreciate our can-do approach. As our name suggests, we see a positive future.


We are the opposite of a faceless corporate office. Our people are approachable, and our door is open. We’re here to work together.

Our work is detailed. Our approach is polished. We take the time to get it right.

At BlueSky we begin by taking a deep dive into your business – listening and learning, understanding your needs, your goals and where you are headed. We research your industry, seek out alternate ways of doing things, and present our considered advice.

BlueSky is an active partner, not just an extension of your finance or accounting team. We are a natural networker, routinely introducing clients to each other, helping people make new connections and seize new opportunities.

In every way, we are always energised by the opportunity to make a positive difference for our clients.

Melad Aoun CA, B.Com
CEO & Founder

Melad Aoun has been working in the accounting industry for more than 20 years, including time at both boutique practices and one of the “big four” global firms.

Melad Aoun established BlueSky to deliver a more personal approach, and ultimately make more of a difference for every client. Trusted, respected and driven, Melad brings a commercial sensibility to every part of BlueSky. His dedication to always going above and beyond defines the collaborative and results-oriented culture of BlueSky to this day.

Who we work with

Over many years we have built a reputation for helping businesses and practitioners in the building, transport and manufacturing industries.

However, our list of clients extends far beyond this. For every new client, we take the time to understand how their industry and their business works, and how we can provide the most value.